Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top 5 of 2007

In the vogue of other bloggers, giving top 5 lists of their favorite cigars of the year, here are mine:

Top 5 Bundle/inexpensive

1. Occidental Reserve Double Broadleaf robusto - A nice tasting cigar, well blended, and at a great value.

2. Fire by Indian Tabac maduro robusto - A tasty, medium bodied cigar with a price that belies its popular pedigree.

3. Cusano CC robusto - This cigar has bright, present flavors that had been hard to find in cheaper cigars. Kelner's a master blender, even for the budget cigars.

4. Cusano P1 robusto - As with the CC, the P1's smooth, mellow character is top-shelf quality, but at bundle prices.

5. 5 Vegas Gold robusto - Here's a politely mild cigar that has flavor and great construction.

Top 5 better cigars:

1. Carlos Toraño Signature Collection robusto - This nicely aged cigar is full of present and rounded flavors.

2. Gurkha Grand Age perfecto - The Grand age was delicious, and despite the construction problems I had with one, I'd recommend these.

3. Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend - This cigar has rich flavors and rich smoke, but not a rich price tag.

4. Cusano 18 Paired Maduro - This cigar is a tasty convergence of Hendrick Kelner's influences in Cusano and Occidental Reserve bundle cigars.

5. Oliva Serie G maduro bellicoso - Serie G is a sweet and medium-bodied cigar, well made, and decently priced.

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