Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rocky Patel OSG

Rocky Patel OSG petite corona
$ ??, Size: 4.5", Ring: 44

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

[cue music]

Rocky Patel: Original Sun Grown

An increasingly successful
tobacco blender, Rocky Patel,
designed a cigar using sun-grown
Honduran wrappers. The project was
interrupted by business issues at the factory,
and the first batch of cigars stored while Rocky
searched for other production facilities. After a new
start at a new factory, and with development of the Vintage
series completed, Rocky returned his attention to sun-grown
tobacco. He started over from the beginning, with the results being
the popular Sun Grown line. The cigars from the initial run at the first
factory were branded OSG, and then unleashed upon an unsuspecting galaxy..

The point is, after these are gone, they're gone, baby. Luckily, I managed to snag one, and now you get to hear about it.

The wrapper was a non-conformist in color: a burl/marbled appearance in tawny colors. Almost like a cafe au lait camoflage. While fairly smooth, there were a few pronounced veins, but they were hard to spot behind the camoflage. A squeeze was met with firm resistance, and the draw was easy. The burn was pretty straight, and ash held for more than 2 inches before thumping to the ground.

At first light, the flavor was immediately present with a sweet, nutty taste with some tangy component that's hard to describe. After the first inch, the tanginess and sweetness subsided, and the flavor became more like cedar and nuts in a medium-bodied presentation. Mid-cigar, a white pepper aftertaste began building, then appeared in the main flavor with the cedar. The cedar taste grew stronger and woodier towards the finish.

Rocky's OSG was a pretty good cigar, and I've heard even better things about its descendent, the Sun Grown.

" Sun Grown, Rocky Patel never told you what happened to your father."

" He told me enough. He told me you killed him."

" No. I AM your father.."

" No. No. That's not true! That's impossible!"

" Search your fillers, you know it to be true."

" Noooooo..."

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Chad Griffeth said...

Already a fan of Rocky Patel, I tried the OSG as my first "lot" purchase. While they were a bit dry, they smoked beautifully. Thank you for alerting me to their heritage and limited availability. I will make sure to snag another lot off of CI before they are gone. This has become my favorite cigar, with the Romeo Reserva Real being a close 2nd.