Friday, January 4, 2008

Flor de Oliva Maduro

Flor de Oliva maduro robusto
$9/5-pack, Size: 5", Ring: 50
Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and filler

Yeah, I got goaded into jumping to the Flor de Oliva by the guys at Cigar Jack. After reading their review, and subsequent comments, I decided to smoke one that's been cooling its heels for a week in the humidor.

The maduro wrapper was a dark, chocolate color, with a texture in between toothy and slightly oily. There's a couple pronounced veins, but they didn't look terribly bothersome. After a squeeze, I was left with the impression of a firmly packed cigar.

The first one out of the humi had been unwrapped for a few days, and both layers of cap looked like they were going to peel off. So, I wet the cap generously for a while before punching it, in hopes of avoiding a messy start. The draw was right between medium and almost tight, which wasn't surprising given how firm the cigar felt. The burn line was fairly straight, with first silvery ash staying for almost two inches.

An aroma of mild cocoa rises from the wrapper, and is present in a cold draw. Upon lighting, the flavor is a smooth, mild-bodied mix of roast nuts, hay, and a little cocoa, and there it stays through the first half. At the turn, the flavor changes to a mild, white pepper with the same hay overtone. The pepper flavor lingers on the palate for a medium finish.

This is a better quality cheap, Nicaraguan cigar in terms of smoothness of flavor and burn. Still, I'd rather spend the extra dollar on an Oliva Serie G maduro.

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