Friday, January 4, 2008

Padrón 2000 Maduro

Padrón 2000 maduro robusto
$3.50 single (B&M), Size: 5", Ring: 50
puro Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and filler

Continuing my trek through Nicaraguan cigars, the Padrón name looms large before me. Still focused on the economical cigar, I found the Padrón 2000 to fit the bill (no pun intended). The 2000 is likely rolled at Padrón's facilities in Esteli, Nicaragua, from puro, sun-grown, cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobacco.

The maduro wrapper was fairly dry and toothy, with minor veins and a rough-hewn looking cap. The wrapper leaves weren't too carefully matched for color, as the leaves nearest the cap formed a bit of the 'barber pole' look that's lately come into vogue. Still, despite its unrefined look, the 2000 was fairly well constructed: the cigar was well packed, draw was easy, and the burn relatively straight. A mottled grey ash extended almost 2 inches past the burn line.

Before lighting, the wrapper gives a light leather aroma, with a cold draw bringing the same flavor. Once smoldering has commenced, the dominant flavor is an almost medium bodied leather taste, with an overtone of sweet hay. After the first couple inches, a mild peppery flavor appears, but never gets particularly spicy. The leather and hay flavors linger a bit on the palate for a medium finish.

The 2000 is a moderate cigar with fairly standard Nicaraguan flavors. Inoffensive, but nothing to jump up and down about either, unless you'd been smoking even cheaper Nicaraguan cigars (like a Tierra Del Sol). Cigar Command likes it though, and I never argue with a Marine when I can avoid it.

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