Saturday, January 12, 2008

Googling About

In searching out information on some of my favorite cigars, I started to notice some of my blog entries in the results:

Okay, Alec Bradley's Occidental Reserve Double Broadleaf and Cusano's 18 Paired Maduro aren't huge names, so my paltry contribution doesn't mean that much. How about some more prolific entries:

Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend and 5 Vegas Gold should be bigger names, yet my reviews are still getting front-page billing on Google. Still in disbelief, I pushed on to test bigger names in my humidor:

Wow. To get first page billing for Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 and Oliva Serie G maduro, it's inconceivable. Is there a targeting algorithm at work? Anyone else want to test this out, to see if you get the same search results? Really, how does one so incompetent get on the first page of Gurkha Grand Age search results:

Update: Using a web browser at the local public library, these search results were confirmed. I'm still surprised.

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