Saturday, January 5, 2008

Indian Tabac Maduro Tomahawk

Indian Tabac Maduro Tomahawk
$10/ 5 Pack, Size: 6", Ring: 52
Connecticut maduro broadleaf wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican and Honduran fillers

Indian Tabac did maduro as dark as other cigar makers' oscuro, and this Tomahawk was no exception. The Connecticut wrapper was a deep brown, with a smooth, matte surface and inconspicuous veins. It looked like a fine Italian leather jacket. It also smelled like a fine Italian leather jacket, with a chocolate bar in one of the pockets.

To a pinch, the body felt very solid, and the draw was mildly restrained. As smoking commenced, the cigar burned irregularly, needing a couple touch-up torch sessions before the midpoint. The draw tightened up at that point, but was relieved by some gentle massaging along the length of the cigar. Ash was light grey, and held for at least an inch, but I had to ash prior to cleaning up the burn, so I don't know how long it would have held.

A cold draw summoned sweet leather and cocoa flavors, echoing the aroma of the wrapper. The cigar started with a mild leather flavor, with a slight note of hay. I wasn't quite impressed. Yet.

After the first inch, the hay overtone disappeared, and was replaced by a woody cedar taste. By the middle of the cigar, the medium-bodied flavors of cedar and leather were dominating, and they continued to strengthen as the smoke went on. By the end, the flavor was a full-bodied, with the faintest spice in the finish.

While the Tomahawk maduro may be a slow starter, it delivers a solid flavor in exchange for a modest price.

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