Sunday, December 23, 2007

5 Vegas Gold

5 Vegas Gold robusto
$9/ 5 pk., Size: 5", Ring: 52
Honduran Connecticut shade wrapper, Honduran binder, Honduran and Nicaraguan cuban-seed fillers.

We are in the midst of a season of gifts, and the most famous of Christmas gifts were the first recorded of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. So, to celebrate, I pulled a 5 Vegas Gold from the humidor.

Gold is rolled for 5 Vegas in Danli, Honduras, under the aegis of Nestor Plasencia. The Honduran cuban-seed filler is aged 5 years before being enrobed in the Honduran Connecticut shade-grown wrapper, and the results are well worth the care.

The Connecticut wrapper is smooth and sturdy, with few veins, and has a nice toasty aroma to it. After punching the cap, I tried the draw and found it to be a little loose. I'll just have to restrain my enthusiasm while herfing it, that's all. While smoking, the ash was white and fairly solid, dropping after little more than an inch.

Once lit, the taste is a mild, toasty nut body, with a light spice, and that flavor is fairly consistent to the end. While not full of bold and complex flavors, this was still a pleasure to smoke. The taste was reminiscent of the main body of the Occidental Reserve Double Broadleaf, which is my favorite, This is surprising when looking at the disparate origins of the tobaccos of the two cigars.

5 Vegas have made a nice mild-mannered cigar with a pleasant taste. The Gold is like a long-time golfing pal who gives you a 1 foot putt, despite the fact that you're four strokes up on him. That indeed is a precious gift.

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