Friday, January 25, 2008

AVO no. 2 Maduro

AVO no. 2 maduro
$25/5-pack, Size:6" , Ring:50
USA Connecticut maduro wrapper, Dominican binder and fillers.

At a smoky gathering, just after Christmas, one of the guys was talking up Avo cigars. I had heard that Avo Uvezian had his cigars manufactured by Hendrick Kelner, whose cigars I have previously enjoyed, and figured it was worth pursuing a sample. I went to $25 for a 5 pack on CBid, which is a little beyond my usual ceiling, but I hoped it would be worthwhile.

The wrapper on the cigar I smoked tonight had some serious veins, and was toothier than a piranha. If the AVO label wasn't on the band, the rough appearance would have made it look like a $2 bundle cigar. Aroma from the wrapper was light and nutty, and while wetting the cap, I noticed that it wasn't markedly sweet.

Post-punch, the draw had a moderate amount of resistance, and though at the 3/4 mark, the draw felt constricted, a little massaging around the cap brought it back around. The burn line was mostly straight, with an inch and a half of silvery ash trailing behind it.

All the way through, the flavors were smooth and buttery, with a mild nut flavor at to start. The mild nut got stronger, and a little darker, as I cruised through the third inch, tasting like roasted hazelnuts. A mild, sweet pepper flavor came in at the last third, and finished spicy at the end. While not terribly complex, the flavors were pleasant and meshed nicely. I'd say that overall, the cigar was on the mild side of medium bodied.

If it were a blind taste test, and with my limited experience, I'd say this was a Kelner blend, from the moderate body to the gradually ramping spice near the end. All in all, a good smoke for a decent price, though if I had to pay $7 or $8, for this cigar, I'd feel a bit let down. I look forward to sampling more of Avo's lines, as budget will allow.

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