Monday, December 3, 2007

Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Maduro

Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Toro Grande maduro
$12/5 pk., Size: 6", Ring:54
Brazilian maduro wrapper, Dominican binder, Dominican long filler

The Cameroon Legend maduro is dark. How dark you may ask? Dark enough to start bending light around it. And it's thick, too. My order arrived from CI today, and I just couldn't wait to toast this dark beauty. The wrapper is dark, and fairly smooth, with small veins.

The pre-light sniff announced a hearty leather aroma with a touch of cocoa. After a gentle punch through the cap, it was time to toast it. The taste was fairly consistent, starting out with a smooth, creamy leather flavor, with some roasted nut and mild spice making veiled cameos in the middle. The smoke was rich and smooth, without a hint of bitterness.

The draw was nicely balanced to take advantage of both the length and thickness of the cigar. The ash was dove-gray and a bit peely, but held for almost 2 inches. The burn was a bit ragged, with a tendency to tunnel, but I'd chalk that up to my impatience in smoking the cigar 12 hours after the postman delivered it. After a few weeks in the 'dor, it'll prolly burn razor-straight.

By the way, if you're going to smoke the Toro Grande, clear your schedule and pack a lunch: This cigar will take you an hour and a half, easy. Of course, it is an hour and a half of good cigar, so make the time.

Stogie Review smoked the Cameroon-wrapped version in June 2007.

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