Thursday, January 10, 2008

Montecristo Dark no. 444

Montecristo Dark no. 444
$ 4.00, Size: 4", Ring:40
Mexican wrapper and binder, Honduran filler.

An orphan I got in trade, I had to do a little research to figure out what cigar this was. Montecristo is another big name in cigars, and the brand is currently distributed by tobacco behemoth Altadis.

The wrapper on this cigar was a light to medium brown, a bit toothy with a touch of oil, and fairly veiny. There was a small sunspot on the wrapper, but it wasn't a big deal. Post-punching, the draw was easygoing, and stayed that way throughout the smoke. A light grey, granular looking ash stuck for a little over an inch past a pretty sharp burn line.

Right away, the cigar was smooth and woody, with a medium body and nice plumes of smoke. Almost 2 inches in, which was third quarter for this cigar, a bold white pepper flavor joined in to ride out the duration.

This is a nice, short smoke. But for the price one would pay over the counter, a comparable cigar could be found for less money.


gravitybob said...

I purchased a 5-pack sampler of these. So far 0 for 2 on smoking them, neither have been very good; almost a soapy aftertaste. Of all major brands of cigars, I have had the worst luck with Montecristo. Don't know if this is maybe an overrated brand...?

Anonymous said...

Bought a 5 pack from JR Cigar. These cigars are Awsome. Now one of my favorite. This cigar smells like a top cigar when you run it under the nose. When lit and smoking it has a very smooth mediun taste and the smoke smells wonderful. You gotta try it for yourself, I did and am not disappointed at all. All the Montecristo cigars I've smoked so far have been nothing less than top notch.