Saturday, January 19, 2008

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Maduro

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente maduro
$6 single (B&M), Size: 4.5", Ring:54
USA Connecticut wrapper, Dominican binder and fillers.

In searching out other cigar shops in town, I found a joint that's mainly a liquor store with a walk-in humidor. They sold mostly A. Fuente, Macanudo, and Acid by Drew Estate cigars, so I picked up a couple Fuente rothschilds and this Chateau Fuente. While I may have paid a little too much, I like to support the locals who bother stocking decent cigars. In quantity, you can get these cigars for between $3 and $4.

The Chateau Fuente was a nicely presented cigar, sporting a cedar sleeve, bound with green ribbon, and a particularly attractive maduro wrapper. Speaking of wrapper, this one was toothy, medium chocolate-colored with mild veins. As I was wetting the cap, I noticed that this wrapper was noticeably sweet. Was the cap sweetened?

The cigar seemed firm and well packed, and after punching, the draw seemed nicely balanced. Everything about this cigar screamed quality.

As for the burning part, despite a day in the drybox, this cigar burned a bit wobby, but never too severely. A silvery ash, with some dark spots, held for an inch and a half.

In addition to a classy presentation, this cigar tasted great as well. Right away, smooth and substantial flavors of sweet cedar and toasted nut were present, and stayed fairly constant to the end. A sweet, white pepper flavor started lingering on the palate after the first inch, and then flexed its muscles in the last inch.

There was a noticeable nicotine buzz afterwards, which caught me unawares. I hadn't eaten in a while before smoking, and felt the nicotine crest about 15 minutes after smoking. This is definitely an after meal cigar.

Overall, this was a high-quality, medium bodied cigar that smoked sweet and had punch. I'm all for getting a couple more for the humidor.

Update: I was able to score a 5-pack of Chateau Fuente Maduros on CBid for $17 + shipping, which would put the price about $4 each. Happy smoking.

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