Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bock Y Ca Edicion de Oro

Bock Y Ca Edicion de Oro robusto
$1.50 single, Size: 5", Ring: 50
Sumatran wrapper, Nicaraguan Habano binder, Nicaraguan filler

Bock Y Ca is one of the classic cigar brands, and recently resurrected by Altadis with the Edicion de Oro line of cigars.

While rough looking, this cigar felt well constructed. The medium brown wrapper was toothy, with few veins, but pronounced seams. Drawing through the cigar was easy, but not loose, and the cigar burned fairly straight. A silver-white ash held for over an inch and a half.

The Edicion de Oro has a flavor that's I've found in many Nicaraguan cigars: medium earthy, with an overtone of hay. The flavor was smooth and medium-bodied from first light to the 45 minute end. Toward the last third, a spicy flavor started in the palate, and moved to be noticeable in the body of the cigar. Someone once used the term 'Barnyard' to describe a cigar's flavor to me, and I think the Edicion de Oro would illustrate that well.

Not a bad cigar, if you like the chewy, barnyard flavor. And hey, it's cheap.

Keepers of the Flame , gave the history lesson and reviewed this cigar in November 2007.

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