Friday, December 28, 2007

So Far #2

Well, since my lament about cheap Nicaraguan cigars, I've had a few better ones, and of varying strengths. I enjoyed the Oliva Serie G maduro, as a nice mild-medium cigar, and enjoyed the Perdomo Lot 23 maduro, a more medium skewed cigar. The Joya De Nicaragua Antaño 1970 knocked my socks off with bold and robust flavors. Like sparring with a kung-fu master, it was a good experience, but I wouldn't want one every day.

I'm also starting to taste familiar themes in different cigars and from different manufacturers, and cross-referencing them.

I've had some other thoughts about the disastrous end of the Gurkha Grand Age perfecto, smoked the other day. The Grand Age's maduro Cameroon wrapper, while lending a great taste to the cigar, was far too thin. The Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend's maduro wrapper was thick and leathery, while the Grand Age's wrapper flaked away like the skin of a peanut or dry onion.

It may have been a bad wrap job, or just a bum leaf or two. Over humidification may have also been the culprit, but I've been keeping the humidity to 66%-68%. I'm stumped. But, the cigar was tasty enough to warrant another foray into that model and vitola.

I've been gravitating more toward the $4-$5 cigars, and so need to get back down to the cheaper $2.50-$3.50 cigars. To that end, I picked up a couple more Primos, a couple G.R. Specials, some Flor De Oliva, and Nestor Reserve cigars. Once they've had some time to unwind a bit in the Humidor, watch out.

By the by, one of my local B&Ms has a brand of bundle cigars, unbanded, in a box with the name 'Miura' on it. Anyone know anything about them? I also saw some Gran Habano #3 that looked in the right price range.

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cigarguru27 said...

About Miuras, I know that they are every where in the Chicago area, small operation in Florida and they have a website I am a big fan of the big naturals.