Saturday, December 15, 2007

Java by Drew Estate Maduro

Java by Drew Estate maduro corona
$5 (single B&M), Size: 5", Ring: 42
Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and fillers

I was in a local cigar shop, out of sympathy (and a little guilt for getting most of my smokes from C-Bid), and saw that he had some of the Java cigars. Ok, I thought, I don't take myself so seriously that I won't smoke a novelty cigar. So, I bought a couple, and hit the road.

Java, a fragrant and boxy cigar, is a collaboration between Drew Estate and Rocky Patel (the squareness gives it away, eh?), rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua. I love coffee, and I like to drink coffee while smoking a maduro cigar, so why not try a blend of the two?

The Java is a classy-looking cigar, with simple and elegant bands near the cap and at the foot (another Rocky Patel cue). Out of the cellophane, the cigar looks like a long, squarish coffee bean. A coffee bean with veins, that is, and the aroma confirms the Java name.

The cigar was surprisingly lightweight, and spongy, and once the cap was punched, had a draw that was much too fast. While smoking, I had to sip at the cigar to keep it from burning too fast and too harshly. The sweetened cap was also a bit flaky.

The first half inch was a clash of harsh burning tobacco and the cloying sweet taste of the cap. After that the flavor mellowed to taste like a sweetened version of another Esteli native; Perdomo's bundle cigar, Tierra Del Sol. Ok, so we have a Tierra Del Sol with a Starbucks mocha. While the cognoscenti may have issues with either, or both, the two belong together like Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson.


MaduroMan said...

Yo Jimbob! I found this page when I googled Drew estate- java. I been wanting to try a "coffee" flavored cigar. Like you, I enjoy a coffee with my maduro cigar, so why not the two together,eh? So overall I'm wondering about your java review, I'm thinking it was just ok?

St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

It was just 'okay'. Now thew Java I smoked was a first generation Java, and from what I hear, there's another wave, and so the blend, quality, and flavor may vary from the samples I bought.

If you want a great cigar to do coffee with, go for a Padron 2000, or 3000, maduro.

MaduroMan said...

Sounds good. I'll be keeping an eye out for that Java too. Nice blog page by the way, I'll read some more when I get some extra time. Maybe even make my own, stay cool,peace.