Friday, December 7, 2007

Sherpa Founder's Choice 2002

Sherpa Founder's Choice 2002 toro
$13/5 pk., Size: 6", Ring: 50
Sumatran wrapper, Dominican binder, Nicaraguan filler.

I must admit, I had some expectations of this cigar: It's a Gurkha sub-brand, it's made by Carlos Toraño, it should be good. The wrapper was a tawny color, smooth, but telegraphing some serious veins, and a pre-light sniff was greeted with the smell of dry grass.

I punched away 60% of the cap, and did a quick draw test. The Sherpa has the loosest draw I've had yet, like the cigar wasn't even there. So, I whipped out the Quantum to get it toasting, and the cigar obliged quickly and politely.

The first inch was harsh and grassy, with some hints of grass and a medium grassy finish. I was being mindful not to pull too hard, given that the draw was so loose, and still got some harshness. After the first inch, the flavor rounded off a bit to a smooth grass flavor, with an aftertaste of lawn clippings. I think you get the picture.

So, I'm an inch and a half into the cigar, and I decide that, like a true Sherpa, I would finish the journey. Just for you, dear reader. No sacrifice is too great.

Alas, just as I was getting to the two-inch point, the cigar extinguished itself. It hadn't even dropped ash yet. So, I took it as a sign of God's infinite mercy and let it be.

As I was squeezing and rolling the cigar, to get the band off, the wrapper flaked off into oblivion. So, I decided to do a little post-mortem on the extinguished Sherpa. Contrary to the predominant flavoring, I can attest to there being tobacco in the cigar, as well as some long, hard, twig-like stems. I just chucked the corpse after the autopsy, band and all.

Somewhere, out there, is a man who loves a grassy cigar. All I can say is, "Buddy, the Sherpa is just for you."

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