Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions 2008

One of the resolutions that I'm gracefully accepting is a limit on the cigar smoking. So, I've formatted a schedule of cigar smoking and reviews that's pretty much a Friday night/Saturday night endeavor. It's hard to argue for a more frequent allowance when you've got colleagues diagnosed with various cancers left and right.

I'll also be giving some of the cigars, the ones that do poorly, a second chance before flogging them. I figure that a three month reprieve period is fair, don't you? Then, we'll see how the offending cigar fares after three months in the Humidor, aging and hob-nobbing with its betters. Hear that, Sherpa?

This coming semester at the university is bringing analytical geometry and calculus to my plate. Between that, and training a new engineer at work, I'll be fairly busy. I'll also be wishing I could smoke more cigars, but ç'est la guerre.

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