Monday, December 10, 2007

La Gloria Cubana (D.R.) Maduro

La Gloria Cubana (D.R.)Corona Gorda maduro toro
$5.40 (single, B&M), Size: 6", Ring: 52
Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers

Sometimes, you get what you pay for, and this cigar is worth every red cent. This cigar is made in the Dominican Republic by El Credito Cigar Co.

The cigar was very dense feeling, with the thick maduro wrapper yielding slightly. They didn't skimp on the tobacco at all. After cutting the cap, the draw was a bit tight, which was alleviated somewhat by occasional massaging around the band and at the cap area. It took about 90 minutes to smoke, which may be due to the tight draw, but then again, I'm never in a big hurry either.

First third was smooth from the start, with hearty cedar and leather flavors. The ash was starkly white, and dropped about two inches into the smoke. When the ash dropped, it fell 4 feet down into an empty box, where it stood, solid, like a rook on a chess board. Not bad, eh?

The second third introduced a light peppery finish, with the cedar and leather flavors getting slightly stronger. The burn was getting a little sloppy at this point, and needed a bit of touch-up. The final lap got stronger and more peppery, and I noticed the nicotine working on my midsection a bit (good thing I had dinner). Do not smoke this cigar on an empty stomach, unless you've got a hard head for nicotine.

While costing a little more than my usual range in singles, you can get these cigars en masse for $3 each. This La Gloria Cubana is a very robust and enjoyable smoke.

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