Sunday, December 23, 2007

Conundrums #1

#1) Here's the scene: You're getting the kids ready for bed, and your wife tells you to put some Vick's Vap-O-Rub on one that has a cold. But wait, you had pulled out a nice cigar to smoke once the kids are in bed. If you get that smelly Vick's stuff on your hands, it'll ruin your cigar. What do you do:

A) Tell your wife to do it, telling her it would ruin the taste of your cigar.

B) Tell the sick toddler to do it, hoping that the child will not rub her eyes afterward.


C) Grab a sandwich baggy, and using it like a surgeon's glove, apply the mentholated mess on your child's chest.

Now, some guys may say that A is an option, but those must be the one's that don't care if they stay married or not. I don't know if my conscience could enjoy the cigar after option B. Option C is fairly clever, if I may say so. The cigar was pretty good without the added Vick's aroma, by the way.

Onto another conundrum..

#2) How many cigars are too many? Really?

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