Saturday, November 24, 2007

Montecristi Cohiba

Cohiba (Montecristi) robusto
$4, Size: 5", Ring: 50
Connecticut wrapper, mixed Dominican fillers

Cohiba's a big name in cigars, both in Cuban and non-Cuban cigars. The cigar I smoked is from the Dominican Republic, and flotsam from the trade dispute between Montecristi and General Cigar. The band is black and yellow, with several rows of white dots on the black ring, and says 'La Republica Dominica' on the yellow portion.

While at an economy price, but didn't cut corners. This stick is put together well, without any serious soft spots, the wrapper was not overly veiny, and has a triple cap like it's better-heeled cousins from Cuba. When smoked, this cigar holds almost two inches of the whitest ash I've seen on the sub-$4 cigars. As for the taste, this cigar is simple, sporting a pronounced woody, cedar note and some light spice in the finish. Not a bad smoke, though most aficianados poo-poo the cigar as a fake.

The controversy over the branding, and the higher price versus the flavor, leaves me preferring the Cusano CC. The flavor is almost identical, but the price lower for the CC.

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michael said...

Drinking Wine with some Cuban cigar like cohiba is awesome. At least I feel that way.