Friday, January 2, 2009

Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve

This is a cigar I got from the Nebraska Cigar Festival, and after a month of humi time, it was time to put it to the test. Savinelli's a big name in pipes, but let's see how this cigar stacks up.

a description, copped from Famous:
Handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua, their core consists of a blend of premium Nicaraguan longfiller and binder tobaccos, box-pressed in a specially cross-bred Habano 2000 and Criollo wrapper.

This is an attractive cigar: Colorado wrapper with fine veins, and a dignified, but not overly ornate, label. I'm smoking the robusto, and it starts off phenomenal. Earth, coffee, and a black pepper/spice component. This is a textbook Nicaraguan blend, and it's great. I know that Savinelli collaborated with Oliva on a different line of smokes, but this smoke is reminiscent of the Oliva Serie O, and in all the right ways.

The draw is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Midway in, the spices are still simmering on the palate, and an earthy nut flavor joins the mellowing coffee. Dang. I wish I'd scored a few more of these.

The burn's been a little sloppy, requiring a little touch-up. I grabbed this guy right from the humi, so maybe a little drybox time would help straighten the burn. Still, the flavor is well worth the bother. Also A little tar has bubbled its way to the cap, but a quick shave with the cutter takes care of that problem.

Going into the home stretch, and nice leather flavor emerges, and the spice is still lingering on the back of my palate. Black pepper comes and goes in the forefront and the leather hangs in there. Did I already say that I wish I'd scored a few more?

As I gaze at the tarry nub of this cigar, I feel satisfied, and yet a little sad that it's over.

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