Friday, January 16, 2009

Savinelli Rico y Raro (RyR)

What does two and a half ligero leaves amount to? Really. Savinelli's web page, describing the Ecuadorian Habano-wrapped, Nicaraguan cigar declares two and a half ligero leaves in the Rico y Raro. After lighting the RyR, the answer is immediate.


For the first inch, The RyR is a spicy, peppery treat with loads of leather. After the first inch, the spice subsides a bit to let leather and cedar dominate. Minor nut flavors try to elbow in, but never strongly. The last inch features some pops of spice as you take it into the nub.

The draw on the 5.5" x 54 double robusto was perfect, but the burn wandered a bit. I needed to torch the wrapper a couple times in the hour it took to smoke it.

An inch from the nub, you start feeling the nicotine stalking. Two and a half leaves of ligero, you say? Oh yeah. Two and a half leaves of ligero, and all the nicotine to prove it. I had a huge stromboli before smoking to prepare for a possibly heavy smoke. Good thing too, as I was feeling woozy for a good half hour after nubbing the Rico y Raro, and lightheaded still an hour after finishing the cigar. At times I thought I'd see that stromboli again.

Dang. so that should tell you just what Savinelli's got packed in the Rico y Raro. Two and a half leaves of ligero. And all the flavor to prove it. Despite the great flavor, I'd only recommend this cigar to nicotine hardheads.

Four stars and an air-sick bag.

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