Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cruzado Dantes: A Cigar Lover's Cigar

I've smoked a couple of these, and while the $9 shelf price goes beyond my usual ceiling, it is quite a cigar.

The blend was unusual, in that the herbal notes and floral notes were predominant. At times, I tasted sage, tarragon, and the earthy, floral notes didn't strike me as over the top, "grandma's gardenia perfume." The gentle spice that held it all together was nice as well, like cardamom. It was not the more common black or white pepper flavor, or the red pepper heat of corojo. It was an unusual blend.

At $9, plus local taxes, it's not an inexpensive cigar, but you do get your money's worth from a captivating and exotic blend.

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