Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arganese ML3 robusto

Wow. Arganese's ML3 has a smooth, but powerful Dominican corojo blend inside a Brazilian maduro wrapper. The ligero is a great team player in the blend, lending a quiet strength to the cigar, with a moderate amount of nicotine.

For $5 you won't find many stronger cigars. I'd give the ML3 a solid B+.

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Anonymous said...

Another fine review indeed. And I concur with all your comments. Gene Arganese comes to Nebraska and offers 5 trips to the DR?? Hey, If I only knew someone at Arganese! Wait a minute. I KNOW ANGEL!!! Angel: Who was your servant work horse last year in Vegas? In closing, I love the ML3! And Angel is the MAN!

You need to get the new logo up and going for future reviews.