Monday, February 20, 2012

Codex Tenebrae 2011

Fuente Anejo #46$12MedA+Ultimate in savory maduro bliss
Camacho Triple Maduro$13FullA+Ultimate in peppery maduro bliss
Perdomo ESV 1991$9FullAGreat blend and rich maduro flavor
Alec Bradley Black Market$9Solid MediumAGreat maduro flavor, body, with good price
J. Fuego Delirium$9MedAMmmmmaaaadurooohhh
Carlos Toraño Virtuoso$9Med+AGood smoke, attractive
Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970$7FullAHold on to your pants.
Perdomo 10th Anniversary Reserve maduro$9MedA-Wow. A great follow-up from the original Perdomo Reserve series.
Carlos Toraño Signature$6MedA-Great smoke, score when possible
Graycliff 1666$8Med+A-Delicious
Savinelli Rico y Raro$8Full+A-Great tasting smoke, big nicotine hit. 2+ whole leaves of ligero per cigar.
Perdomo Habano$6MedB+Good smoke, great price.
Padron Anniversary 1964 maduro$14Med+B+Smooth earth, coffee, cocoa flavors, w/ a little spice. Expected more for the $$.
Panacea Green maduro$6MedB+Earth, leather and spide at the end, nice bang for the buck
San Cristobal$9MedB+Nice Pepin blend, but not big on maduro flavor
CAO Brazilia$7MedB+Spicy and well blended
Camacho SLR maduro$7FullB+Like getting hit in the mouth with a cedar 2x4 wrapped in leather and sprinkled in cocoa.
CAO Italia$7MedB+Spicy, but with a little tang to it
Oliva Serie O$6MedBAnother good smoke with a great price
Avo #2 maduro$8Mild+BNutty, creamy blend dusted with cocoa
Panacea Black Classic$6MedBLeathery, with some earth, but little spice.
Padron 3000$6MedBMuscular flavors, good maduro
Oliva Serie G$5Mild+BNice smoke, always a pleasure
Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Dark Knight$5MedBSolid, dependable smoke
Romeo y Julieta Reserve Maduro$5Med-BNice blend, but a little on the mild side
Camacho Corojo$7MedBCorojo heat, maduro sweet
Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959$6MedBGood smoke
La Gloria Cubana Serie R$7FullBGood smoke, with kick
Alec Bradley Maxx$5Med-BNice smoke, fat and cool
CAO MX2$7MedBGood maduro flavors, unusual blend
Macanudo 1968$10MedBGood smoke, but overpriced
Rocky Patel Edge Missile$6Med+BGood go-to stick
Perdomo Reserve Maduro$5MedBGreat blend, rich maduro flavor
Savinelli Nicaraguan Reserve$6Med+BUnexpected, great smoke, spices, coffee, cocoa. Could be lovechild of Oliva O and Perdomo Reserve.
Perdomo Lot 23$4Mild+B-Nice smoke at reasonable price
Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Sumatra$5MedB-Nice blend, but faint maduro flavors
Gurkha Legend "8-year Aged"$6Med-B-Good smoke, but not much maduro flavor
Arturo Fuente Chateau$5Mild+B-Nice blend, but faint maduro flavors
Partagas Black$6MedB-Peppery blend, more coffee and cedar than cocoa
C&C LRMD Maduro$6MildB-Mild earth and leather flavors; a rookie's maduro
CAO L'Anniversaire Maduro$7.50MedB-Nice maduro flavors, but overpriced
5 Vegas Series A$3Med-B-Great blend and smoke for the price
Cusano 18 Paired Maduro$5Mild+C+Mild blend with spunk, soft maduro flavor
Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend$4Med-C+Fat, cool smoke, mild maduro tone
Hoyo de Monterrey maduro$4Med-C+Nice smoke at reasonable price
Sancho Panza Double Maduro$4Mild+C+Nice maduro flavor
Flor de Oliva maduro$2Med-C+Budget smoke with a little maduro touch
La Vieja Habana Belicoso D$3Med-C+Nice budget maduro
Occidental Reserve Double Broadleaf$3MildCGood starter maduro
Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 Silver$5Med-CNice blend, but tend to explode
Punch Maduro Maduro$5Med-CSolid smoke, decent maduro flavor
Gurkha Doble Maduro$5Med-CStarts off great, tasting like Partagas Black, but gets bland after the first third.
Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ$7MedCNice blend, but little maduro flavor
Padron 2000$5MedCGood cigar for the price
Omar Ortez maduro$5MedCDecent smoke
Chateau Real maduro$6Mild+CNot bad, but you can get better for the $
Drew Estates Dirt$5Med-COddball flavor, sweetened cap
Sol Cubano maduro$2Med-CNice value smoke
Alec Bradley Ovation$3Mild+CNot bad. Not great, but not bad.
Arganese Chairman$5Med-CDecent smoke, but mild maduro flavor
Helix 550 tubo$4MildC-Airy, with little maduro flavor
Padilla Obsidian$4Med-C-Great taste, but very inconsistent construction
Muira maduro$4MedC-So-so, wrapper may be dyed
Angel 100$3Mild+C-Eh
Pirate's Gold maduro$1Mild+DThe name is the only redeeming value
Cu-Avana maduro$2MildDLike smoking wheat toast
Rio del Pinar "oscuro"$3Med-DNothing oscuro about this yard 'gar
Rocky Patel R4$4Med-DWrapper tasted super-salty/chemically
Victor Sinclair Reserve$4Med-DI smoked it out of kindness. Never again
Tierra del Sol maduro$2Mild+DAvoid. A. V. O. I. D.
Nestor Reserve 2004$2Mild+FDyed wrapper covers crummy blend


Mr. Road Trip said...

I'm a light weight when it comes to cigars. Even when I lit one up more often, when I received an expensive one as a gift it would always kick me on my butt.

Brother James said...

Well, not all maduro (dark-wrapper) cigars are butt-kickers. A couple milder suggestions would be:

AVO maduro
the newer C&C maduro
Arturo Fuente's Gran Reserva (green stripe on band) maduros.
Oliva Serie G maduro

Maduro-wrapper cigars can be another realm of flavor to experience. Find a good tobacconist, and he or she can point you in the right direction.

True Tobacco said...

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