Tuesday, June 15, 2010

5 Vegas Cask Strength

Oh, three years ago, I caught a handful of 5 Vegas Cask Strength cigars, smoked one, and then so carefully set aside the rest that I didn't find them again until this past weekend. I was so impressed with the first, that I was sad to see the line disappear, and also a little miffed that I couldn't find the ones I had. Well, three years of unintentional aging later, here I am enjoying another of these fine cigars.

Sure, in the last couple years, I've really taken to Nicaraguan filler, maduro-wrapped cigars. So, this mostly Dominican, shade grown wrapped cigar was a change of pace from the recent affairs.

The Dominican wrapper was a bit darker than typical, shade-grown Connecticut seed, and a bit veined as well. A pass under the nose brought a soft aroma of hay and leather, with a little earth nearer the foot. Clipped, a respectably firm draw ensued.

The first inch of this toro was a complex weave of leather, earth, and a smooth and subtle spice. I was instantly reminded about how this cigar first thrilled me. Hints of vanilla and sweet leather were also in the silk-smooth finish. This had all the hallmarks of a premium, even for a catalog cigar.

After the second inch, the complexity of the flavors settled into a pleasant sweet hay and leather, with the mild spice continuing. Definitely a solid medium in flavor and strength to that point.

The final third of the cigar continued with the substantial flavor of leather, sweet hay, and the subtle spice to the very end. A glance at the clock confirmed that this slow-burning toro lasted me about 90 minutes.

Anyone fortunate enough to have a cache of these discontinued cigars should count themselves fortunate, and should break them out occasionally. They have aged well and still retain respectable body and power enough to validate the title 'Cask Strength'.

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bill said...

I'm not sure where you got the idea these had been discontinued. I just bought some at cigar bid and CI and cigar.com offer them all the time. They are a great cigar for the price. I've smoke cigars that cost five times what these do and enjoyed them less. And yes, 5-6 months aging makes them better.