Friday, May 8, 2009

Isabela Miami Esplendito

Heh. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and, at times, it shows bold and obvious. I reviewed the Isabela Miami robusto not too long ago, and the sweetness of the cap befuddled me. I usually associate sweetened caps with Swisher Sweets, but a commenter here set me straight about the construction of the Isabela, and how it follows Cuban cigar tradition. So, here's my mea culpa and obligatory self-effacement:

The Isabela is as good a smoke as it's shorter sibling. Vicente Ortiz and Prime Cigar Co. have a winner on their hands.


Anonymous said...

You are a friggin riot! East Coast twang and all. I loved your review. The whole package of the video is perfect! Ever think of translating the hyrogliphics!
I'll visit again.

Mr Herf King !! said...

I agree with the " apokalyps- the Isabela Miami has a personality all its own....a very very very good cigar, very consistent and excellent construction makes the Isabela Miami a winner @!!