Sunday, February 10, 2008

Camacho Corojo Maduro

Camacho Corojo Maduro monarcha
$6, Size: 5", Ring: 50
Honduran Corojo wrapper, binder, and fillers

It's always a pleasant surprise to get a nice cigar in the mail, and it's better yet when the cigars are so appetizingly beautiful. TommyboyMartin, an anchor at Social Cigar, sent me a brace of these maduro lovelies, and they were a great starting point for getting acquainted with Camacho's different lines. The Camacho Corojo is a Honduran puro, stuffed, bound, and wrapped with corojo tobacco, notorious for being a feisty and tasty leaf.

A sumptuous shade of dark chocolate, the maduro corojo wrapper was mildly veined and velvety. Unprompted, my 7 year-old son remarked that it smelled like chocolate. The cigar felt moderately filled, with a draw that's free, without being loose, and the white ash held a bit over an inch beyond the burn line.

The cigar started with sweet leather and toasted nuts, with an initial tease of spice and cocoa. The flavors settled into a robust leather and nuts combo that had a peppery echo. The corojo turned on the afterburners in the last couple inches, pumping some sweet heat into the medium-bodied flavors. The body and flavors of the Corojo Maduro went great with my coffee.

The Corojo Maduro was the first Camacho cigar I've had, and it forebodes made more pleasurable experiences to come.

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